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We strive to bring clean, safe drinking water to people in developing countries. Check out the progress we’ve been making below.

District Sheikpura, Pakistan

The village chosen for the filtration plant is named Razi Gazi. With the cooperation of the village members and the Clean Drops team, we were able to set up a filtration plant that can supply clean drinking water to the whole village. The filtration plant is a huge help to a village that had access to water that had many impurities in it. By installing the filtration plant we ensured that the people will have access to clean water that will keep them safe from sicknesses and ensure proper growth.

District Sialkot, Pakistan

The village is named Seadpur and is in the rural areas of Pakistan. The Clean Drops team, along with the cooperation of the villagers, was able to install a water filtration plant for the entire village to benefit from. The best part of this filtration plant is it is located directly across from a school and has seen a huge number of kids using it to drink clean water. It brings great joy to us to provide such a basic necessity and see the effects it has on people.