So, Why Water?

We live in a world where many of us have access to an overabundance of clean water. Although clean water is a basic human need, unlimited access to water is not a luxury afforded to everyone. It’s easy to forget about the dire necessity of clean water since it is  so easily available for us in developed countries.

But what about those in underdeveloped areas across the globe…

Too many of the world’s impoverished are subjected to walking long distances to access even the smallest amount of fresh water. For some, no matter the distance walked, access to clean water is simply not available.

Our Clean Drops team provides clean water systems those who otherwise would not have access this basic necessity. We fight the problem of dirty water around the globe.

Did You Know?


“Everyone is entitled to the basic requirements of life; food, water, and shelter.”

The Core Of Our Mission

We aim to reach out to communities in impoverished countries to develop sustainable water solutions. Every 90 seconds a child dies from diseases related to lack of clean water supply. We consider this to be an epidemic that has a solution that we can provide.

With the help of people just like YOU, we can accomplish our goal of rapidly increasing the number of communities who have unlimited access to clean water.

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Creating access to clean water is not the only issue, but it is the plight Clean Drops has chosen to adopt. Read more about these and other issues in the news section of our site.

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